Welcome to our programme. Not so much a language school, but an experience.

When I went to Agnone, no one spoke to me in English, yet everyone was willing and ready to communicate. So I had to speak Italian! It’s not so easy to meet locals in Italy and even harder to stop them practising their English on you.

This programme has been created because I really wanted to share this incredible experience.

Weekdays you will have a morning of study in class (3 hours), and will of course learn new points of grammar and all sorts of interesting things. But our real focus is on getting you out of the classroom the rest of the time - speaking and listening. Cement your current knowledge, practise what you kind of know, learn idiomatic and colloquial modi di dire, and gain increased fluency.

We cover levels between A2 (elementary) and B2, (upper intermediate), B2+.

Not Quite Beginner’s classes are offered when we get sufficient demand, a minimum of 3 students, and require at least 20 hours preparation. Please do contact me to discuss.

If you are higher than B2+, you will have plenty of opportunity for learning, cementing knowledge and gaining fluency, and with sufficient demand, we can provide a higher level of teaching.

Please get in touch for an assessment, and we can discuss where you fit into the programme.

We work with 3 to 6 students in each group, and the teachers are very good at following the class dynamic. To a certain extent, they can be led by the wishes of the group. Very occasionally a group has fewer than 3, in which case you will have 2 hours of intensive instruction with 1 hour of self-study and exercises. In addition, all groups are given daily homework. Private 45 minutes conversation classes are organised as an extra.

Meetings, visits, talks, cooking evenings and tours are all conducted in Italian (with occasional help in English if a group requires) and our guides are adept at speaking piano piano, and creating a conversational experience rather than a lecture. You will be introduced to many local people during your stay who will all be happy to chat with you informally. Grab opportunities. Shopkeepers are almost always family members and delighted to get into conversation about their wares and produce. Talk to our guides, B&B hosts, and bar staff. Ask directions, get to know the cooks and food producers who work with us – conversation opportunities are all around you.

 The community is your teacher –




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Welcome to our programme. Not so much a language school, but an experience. When I went to Agnone, no one spoke to me in English, yet everyone was willing and ready to communicate. So I had to speak Italian! It’s not so easy to meet locals in Italy and even harder to...

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