Despite all the study and learning and activity, it’s still a holiday! Rooms are in centrally chosen B&Bs with double beds (unless sharing a twin), and private bathrooms. Guests have full use of the various houses, all of which are close to events and lessons.

Local Life

The terraces of the small bars and cafes are a constant bubble of activity and a perfect place to people-watch or do some homework. It’s a really small, friendly town so you’ll soon get drawn into conversation with someone, or bump into one of our hosts or guides.

Immerse and Engage

Local festivals in Agnone and other Molise towns make up an important part of the programme, and are incorporated whenever possible.  

Family run shops and businesses are always a friendly place for conversation, and navigating your way around is easy. The locals are not used to tourists, so are delighted to welcome you. Even if your Italian is hesitant, patience abounds. Take your time… This is
the slow life!

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