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Known as L’Atene del Sannio (the Athens of Sannium) and Città d’Arte, medieval Agnone was home to many educational and religious institutions and strong artisan guilds. Good Italian has always been spoken here.

There is a dialect, like everywhere in Italy, but it is not much spoken. The community is very friendly, passionate about their town, eager to share stories, explain their traditions, and of course discuss food!

So, morning classes over…

Now, we get you out of the classroom - speaking and listening. Practising what you kind of know, learning idiomatic and colloquial modi di dire, and gaining fluency.


All of our visits with the community and to places of interest are in Italian and focus on communication. Whether you’re at a historical site, an artisan studio, a talk or visit to a family food producer – ask questions, discuss, and communicate. Guides are adept at speaking at your pace, and creating a conversational experience.

The Community

All group meals are with Italian hosts. The pace of life is slow, allowing you time to engage with local people. Most shopkeepers are family members, and will be delighted to tell you about their wares and produce. Talk to our guides and B&B hosts, chat with bar staff, ask directions, get to know the cooks and food producers – conversation opportunities are all around you

The community is your teacher –  so immerse yourself in Italy!

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