“Everything we eat has a ‘face’ – we know where it came from and who grew it,” says Serena Di Nucci. There is no food here but slow food; seasonal and local.

Local Specialities

A region of exceptional olive oil, pasta, cured meats, honey, truffles, cakes, pastries, and most of all, the famous cheeses of pasta fillata (stretched curd); caciocavallo, scamorza and stracciata. Visiting family food producers, passing recipes down generations, you can see the immense pride they take in their creations. It is a privilege to witness.

A Feast of Friends

Roberta recounts the family’s story of ‘inventing’ confetti ricci, Tonino chats as he fills his oven with pizza bianca, Emanuela shows us around the bakery, and Marco takes us over his land to share insights depending on the season and current climate. At one of the small caseifici in the hills, we taste fresh cheese before it gets to the shops, and later, an aperitivo in Carlo’s cantina with home-made wine and salami is a treat.

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