Learn some recipes of la cucina povera in a private family kitchen, share meals we have prepared around the family table. With high quality seasonal ingredients, it’s amazing how delicious a bit of old bread, some grated cheese and eggs can be! This is cacio e uova (cheese and egg in dialetto) and a favoured traditional dish.

Fatta in casa

Maria welcomes us into her home to share secrets and pass on recipes. She says, ‘quanto basta’ when asked how much liquid goes into the batter (as much as you need…) and we eat up the fried zucchini flowers stuffed with mozzarella and anchovy long before dinner. But there’s plenty more to come.

Fresh from the garden

The garden at Anna Clara’s is full of glossy dark melanzane so we make it alla parmigiana. The tomato sauce was prepared by her father Antonio in late summer and put into bottles in the cellar. We learn how to make supplì and start off on some of Antonio’s homemade wine – so light it’s just like fruit juice really…

He also makes digestivi from various wild herbs. After dinner we taste them all with a piece of Nonna’s crostata. Then the accordion comes out!

Relaxing together

Inhibitions fall away when you’re engaged in chopping or trying to roll pasta. It’s a great way to learn vocabulary and modi di dire. There’s a lot of laughter around the table and by the time we leave for bed, we’re all firm friends. The best thing is that they our hosts really enjoy it too – looking forward to the next time we’re welcomed into their homes. We’re already talking about what we are going to cook next week…

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