When I first went to Agnone to learn, no one spoke to me in English, but everyone wanted to chat, so I had to speak Italian! It’s not so easy to meet local people when travelling in Italy, and even harder to stop them practising their English on you. I created Live and Learn Italian because I really wanted to share this experience.

The day starts…

Conversation over breakfast is followed by morning study with a native speaker qualified to teach Italian qualified to teach Italian as a foreign language. You will learn new points of grammar, expressions and vocabulary, but will really focus on revising and cementing your knowledge, and transforming it into more fluent expression; practising what you sort of know, but maybe are struggling with.


Standard levels start at A2 (elementary) and go up to B2+ (high intermediate). With sufficient demand, a class higher than B2+ can be organised. Beginner’s classes are held with a minimum of 3 students and require 20 hours preparation prior to attendance.

All applicants have some assessment on registration, with further testing later on. Please get in touch to discuss preferred dates and where you fit into the programme.

Class Sizes

With 3 to 6 students in each group, the teachers are good at following the class dynamic, and to an extent, can be led by individual wishes. Occasionally there are fewer than 3 in a group in which case your morning will be a combination of face to face with a teacher + some self study time. Individual 45-minute conversation classes are organised as extra.

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