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Assembling several of the fantastic teachers who join us in Agnone, our Zoom workshops offer a chance to keep up with study and practise. Students & teachers dotted all over North America and Europe come together in conversation-based workshops of either 8 hours (bi-weekly for 4 weeks) or 7.5 hours (weekly for 5 weeks).

Applicants for a course in Agnone are invited to join a workshop series prior to booking. This enables us to get to know you, your level, and how we can best support your learning.

Workshop places are offered once participants have been assessed via Zoom. Please email me if you are interested to join or have any questions;

Workshop Packages

  •  Each subject is a total of 7½ - 8 hours, broken into 60 or 90 minute classes, spread over 4 or 5 weeks  (depending on level & subject).
  • Groups of 5-6 students (Cinema workshop up to 8)
  • All participants invited to a free introductory conversation session (download Zoom here)
  • Total cost €100
  • Payments by bank transfer in Euro or GBP, by PayPal in other currencies

Subjects Include

  • Letterature – a chance to explore Italian authors, discuss their texts, themes and ideas.
  • Scrittura Creativa – learn through writing. An excellent way to improve vocabulary and phraseology.
  • Conversazione - with a focus on consolidating grammar
  • Spunti - taking a text, excerpt, article or video discussion as the point of departure for conversation.
  • Il Cinema Italiano (3 sessions of 2 ½ hours) – using excerpts from Italian cinema, learn while speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

DATES FOR 2021 & 2022

1. Autumn 2021: 18 October – 20 November
2. Winter 2022: 24 January – 26 February
3. Spring 2022: 14 March – 16 April

Our fabulous teachers in Agnone also host the workshops



Italian Teacher

Francesca is from Campobasso (near Agnone) and lives in Los Angeles. Currently, a PhD student in Language Sciences at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Francesca received her MA with honours in Italian Studies at California State.

Francesca’s first MA is from the University of Venice, where she specialized in teaching Italian as a Foreign Language. Prior to that, she obtained a BA in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, in English and French at Bologna University.

Francesca has worked with various Italian Cultural Associations and as a Teaching Associate at California State University, Long Beach.



Italian Teacher

After graduating from Genoa University with a degree in Philosophy, Simona left her hometown and moved to France to study French language and literature. 

In the following years she lived in various European cities while raising her two sons and teaching in French and International schools. 

Passionate about teaching languages, Simona later qualified to teach Italian to foreigners. She now divides her time between a home in Nice and a house in Sicily where she teaches Italian and hosts students for short stays.



Italian Teacher

After a long period in London teaching Italian, Marina returned a few years ago to her native Sicily, now teaching Italian to foreigners and English to Italians.

She loves to discover the hidden treasures of Italy and her own city, Palermo; visits she shares leading cultural trips with students of Italian.

Marina is super active, loving to hike, cycle and also to run. Reading is another passion, especially combined with a good cup of Earl Grey! She is very much enjoying life back in Palermo, where she is able to spend time with her aged parents.

Antonio Lucicesare

Antonio Lucicesare

Italian Lecturer at King's Business School

Antonio is not one of our teachers but we’re thrilled to be able to offer his Italian Cinema workshop as part of our package. He has designed, developed, and presented this unique workshop for the last 6 years.

Antonio brings more than fifteen years’ experience teaching Italian in London to both native and non-native English speakers. For him, the workshop is a project in progress, one that he is always trying to improve. He has developed a wide selection of material and activities to increase students’ participation and their knowledge of Italian Cinema.

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All participants are also invited to join our Live & Learn Italian Forum - a private Facebook group specifically designed for participants of the online workshops to share experiences & chat further with the teachers & other members about the programme & all things Italian. It’s a private group so everyone’s able to talk freely & participate fully - especially speaking in Italian! Italian books to read, best ways to learn, tips from our teachers, films suggestions, testimonials of workshops, & some of the creative writing. And most of all get to know other members.

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