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Sambuca di Sicilia

17 - 28 Apri 2023

Sambuca di Sicilia

Jenifer with Simona and Marina, Sicily programme teachers

Sambuca di Sicilia

How did this come about?

Participants in Agnone love staying in an authentic mediaeval town with constant opportunities for conversation, some having visited multiple times.  In 2022 the Sicily programme was launched to offer a new experience for those who have enjoyed Agnone and are keen for a next step.

Why Sambuca?

Simona Marras and I met in Sambuca where she owns a house. I invited her to teach in Agnone which she has now done multiple times. We really enjoy working together. 

A passionate teacher, curious and interested, she loves meeting people and enthusiastically embraces the new. Simona knows e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e in Sambuca. Although very different from Agnone, it’s similar in that it offers plenty of opportunity for practice in a slow and friendly community.

Baroque cathedral of Marsala

Jenifer with Simona in Selinunte

What’s the format?

10 days of Italian conversation and study. A small, cohesive group will follow structured lessons of grammar with conversation sessions focused on preparing for visits. 

It’s quite concentrated, moving from one lesson, conversation, or event to the next – with time to rest and refresh.

Like in Agnone it’s about engaging with local personalities, visiting sites of interest, and learning about the region.

Strolling in Marsala

Simona preparing a visit

Hiking in the hills

Who is the programme for?

If you have previously enjoyed Agnone and are ready for something different, this could be for you!

Participants need to be prepared to communicate in Italian. Being perfect or fluent is not important, a willingness to jump in and contribute to the conversation is!

Agriculture of yesterday and today

The Phoenician ruins of Sambuca with Antonella

Il Cretto di Burri


  • 11 nights B&B (*Breakfast is always included)
  • 1 daily meal
  • Italian classes
  • visits and tours
  • transport
  • entrance tickets
  • dedicated guides

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Not Included:

  • 1 daily meal
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel to SambuccaWe’ll help organise travel from Palermo; either by public transport (train to city centre then bus - €12) or for several travelling together, a driver

A little about the region

This north-western part of Sicily is the least touristy, its ancient past is everywhere. A landscape dotted with Phoenician and Greek ruins, acres of olive groves and fields of grain, it is also a hugely successful wine-growing region.

Its turbulent ancient past, as well as the more recent scars of the 1968 earthquake, make it a rich repository through which to discover language, culture, and history.

Gianbecchina, Earthquake

Sambuca, ‘la chiesa madre’

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