Our B&Bs are family run, and although hosts do not live on-site, they start the day with you, offering a simple breakfast and Italian conversation. You are welcome to use the kitchen for light lunches and snacks. Any extra foods you wish to purchase can be kept in the kitchen/fridge.

Rooms are on the 2nd or 3rd floors, have double beds and private bathrooms. Towels, hairdryers, soap/shower gel are provided. Hand-washing facilities are available, or we offer a laundry service starting from €18 - €28 per load, depending on ironing requirements.

Breakfast every day and 12 other main meals are included. On weekdays you’ll generally be left to your own devices for lunch in your B&B or at a local eatery. We ask for your dietary requirements on registration and can accommodate most diets. The local diet is simple and based around pasta, cheese and dairy and we provide a variety of vegetarian dishes.


Weekday lessons are organised in 2 groups every morning. These qualified and very experienced teachers will be with you throughout a lot of the day, including during meals. 

Just bring a notebook and pen/pencils, or buy what you need at La Libreria in town. Other learning materials are provided and we do not follow a specific text book.

Your B&B provides WiFi for emails and WhatsApp, not for downloading. Caffè Letterario, our general meeting point, has good WiFi.

WhatsApp is very useful for daily notices, so please download the App before you come and ideally have Wifi access on your phone.

Getting about the town

Everything is walkable. There are plenty of shops, banks with ATM, and lovely cafes.

Agnone is a lively place with a Saturday market, plenty of pharmacies and a hospital with A&E.

Daily to and from classes and events usually covers about 6.5k (4m) daily and all guests need to be independent in getting about. It may take you longer – that is fine but we ask that you plan for it and leave for class early. We have to insist that you do not rely on other students to be your physical support. If a venue is particularly far, we are able to offer a lift to those who need it.

All guests must travel with personal travel insurance.

Agnone is in the Apennines, at 850 meters (3000 ft) and in the past never got too hot. Traditionally Italians headed to the hills to spend the summer, but global weather is changing, and it can get warm. The weather is changeable, so come prepared for rain or shine. Evenings could be chilly, so bring light layers, a scarf/shawl, sweater, and a waterproof/wind jacket.

Comfortable, sturdy shoes are a must on cobbled, uneven, and hilly streets. Hiking boots are not necessary, trainers are fine – but do bring them. Sandals are not suitable for hiking.

Included in the full package:

  • 30 hrs Italian instruction with qualified native language teachers, plus interaction with them throughout your visit
  • Transport between central Rome and Agnone (see Travel Pack below for full details)
  • Daily visits and encounters conducted in Italian with local artisans & personalities
  • Cooking and sharing meals in private homes with hosts
  • Weekend activities and conversations
  • Visits to other towns in the region
  • Sites of historical interest and traditional festivals are explored
  • Entrance tickets, guides, and hosts
  • Daily Bed and Breakfast in private room and bathroom
  • 12 additional meals, either lunch or dinner



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