Reviews from our clients

” L&LI was an amazing experience – stepping into the lives of working artisans, living their work with them. I loved it! The people, atmosphere, culture, the food, wine (and Aperol), stimulation and companionship of other like-minded lovers of Italian. I will return and feel at home and comfortable in Agnone.

Alessandro was a passionate, excellent teacher, able to draw students out beyond their expectations. The time in class literally flew. Oh, and Jenifer did a fabulous job organising and coordinating!”

Andrea, M.S.W, Australia

I expected my Live and Learn Italian experience to be interesting, informative and fun… it was all that and more!  The instruction was great, the scenery lovely and the activities interesting, but what really made the difference were the people.  The instructors made classes both challenging and fun. 

The artisans, historians, guides, hosts, and even the neighbors, brought the town and region to life.  I heartily recommend LLI for a language immersion experience.

Mark - Texas, USA

“The teaching was excellent: Marina, Lucrezia and Luca are an impressive trio who know their stuff. They were very patient and tailored lessons to address specific needs. I loved my accommodation with views over the rooftops and breakfast sessions with Marina and Riccardo who went out of their way to be encouraging and helpful.

Social activities were fun as well as informative – albeit sometimes hard to follow all the Italian, but that’s what we were there for. As for the meals – my mouth waters to think of them now. Congratulations on a great programme!

Lorraine - York, UK

“Engagement in a small town is highly attractive. People need to understand that this is quite far away from “the usual” Italian tourism. LLI exists in a place that’s kind of a throwback to Italy from the past.

The food was outstanding, the personalities very engaging, and the events wonderfully immersive. I think you did an excellent job exposing the group to the varied ways of local life. For me, these were great events, depth of comprehension notwithstanding – they were challenging!

Charlie - Florida, USA

Continual interaction with the locals is definitely what makes L&LI so fabulous! The guides were great. I particularly enjoyed Walter - such a sweet guy!  Mimina and Tonina were absolute sweethearts. The tour guide at the Bell Foundry was a bit hard to understand (for me) and our B&B host, Luisa, was very sweet, but spoke so fast!

I’m looking forward to returning.  It takes a special talent to blend all these personalities, with varying levels of Italian, and create a fun and effective learning experience in a foreign country. You’ve done just that.  Your program is the best

Beth - Mississippi, USA

“My two weeks with Live and Learn Italian was life-changing: discovering the town of my ancestors in Alto Molise was a dream. Jenifer is the ‘maestra’ of this programme, designed to fully immerse the student in all aspects of Italian life.  Each day we studied ‘la bella lingua’ with excellent teachers, and then went out to apply what we had learned, expanding our communication skills while exploring life in the numerous little corners of a beautiful town full of art and traditions. 

Discovering new family members here, I was embraced with open arms and given constant encouragement – something I will always treasure.  People literally welcomed us into their homes and businesses to experience an authentic life – the entire community seemed to be in on Jenifer’s vision of enabling us to experience Italy without the tourists. I am already planning my next session with L&LI next year. ‘Complimenti!'”

Albert - Virginia, USA

“What a lovely environment in which to experience Italian life, both in and out of the classroom. The knowledge and experience of both teachers challenged me in the kindest manner to not only learn, but most importantly, to speak without fear.

Fabulous and well-planned activities outside the classroom made me feel deeply connected to this beautiful region and its people. Two weeks of Live and Learn Italian has been the best, the most wonderful learning experience I’ve had so far. Thank you for all your efforts – the trip surpassed all expectations, and I hope I’ll be able to return, as I truly miss that magical place.”

Kristina - Portland, Oregon, USA

“The holiday exceeded hopes in every way: a delightful and attractive little town, perfect for anyone who wants to practise and develop their Italian. No tourists – so nobody trying out their English on you, but everyone so welcoming, and happy for you to practise your Italian on them.

Being on my own was completely fine – the other people on the course were all interesting and friendly, and it made it even easier to meet local people. So, lots of practice - and in a fortnight I became better at talking and listening, and really felt able to move forward.

 All the many events – cooking sessions, meals, cheese-making, bell foundry, fascinating cities, and sites – were shared with us by people with fantastic pride in and knowledge of their history and culture. And there were unexpected delights like the wonderful wedding serenata and the Vol del’Angelo festival. I’d never been on a language-learning holiday before and it was an excellent introduction, exceptionally well organised with lots of inspiration. Grazie!

Helen - London, England

“La vera Italia can truly be found in small towns like Agnone, in the Apennine mountains south of Rome. No tourists, and not well known even to Italians, it has a fascinating history – from pre-Roman Samnites, to modern times. Wonderful old buildings, beautiful churches, winding streets and narrow alleys are home to ‘Live and Learn Italian.’

Jenifer Landor is a dynamic woman, with strong family connections to the town. Three hours each morning was spent with wonderful teachers. All three were kind, enthusiastic and patient, and lessons fantastic - no English allowed!

We visited so many interesting places – and best of all got time to chat and get to know the local people and share a coffee or prosecco at Caffè Letterario, the town’s social centre. Two great and wonderful weeks!”

Dave - Somerset, England

“We loved our stay! The activities quickly made us feel part of the local community. This is a unique feature of the programme, something we have always desired to experience when visiting Italy but had always found impossible to achieve on our own.

Gentle and very skilled teachers were appropriately tailored to our different levels and the warm and friendly language interactions with our guides, local business staff and townspeople added to our understanding and use of Italian along with immersion in Italian life and culture. 

Without reservation, we both recommend this program to anyone interested in an enjoyable and stimulating learning experience.”

Roberta & Barbara - Washington, USA

“The concept that Jenifer has come up with in Agnone is superb: it easily tops other Italian language schools I’ve attended (where classroom teaching in large groups delivered next to no practice speaking with native Italians). 

Small group teaching allowed masses of individual attention. Outside the classroom, the program of visits and dinners with locals gave us the chance to spend time with Italians who did not speak English with us and were patient with our Italian efforts.  It felt like the whole town was welcoming us!”

Phillip - London, England

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