Reviews from 2022

Maria Teresa, USA

“What makes your programme different from others are the planned yet casual opportunities to engage with people in Agnone; immeasurably beneficial to all.

Like nudging non-swimmers into the deep end without armbands, but with expert swimmers close by. Seems scary, but no one drowns. You met or exceeded all my expectations. 

It’s extremely difficult for me to be comfortable with strangers, so the added anguish of speaking in Italian and wanting to speak well resulted, seemingly, in me speaking to myself more than to anyone else. But during my first full day in Rome afterwards I conversed in Italian on 3 separate occasions – 1) policeman, 2) museum worker, 3) monk! All went swimmingly

Now there’s a big difference in my level of comfort – totally due to my time in Agnone. Grazie mille!”

A free Italian lesson every morning at breakfast is a great way to warm up. Tonina was the perfect host, and all the assistants and guides just couldn’t do enough for us.

You found the right balance with our group - no one felt adrift, and the teachers were very skilled; a good contrast of personalities. 

Visits and encounters kept us so engaged and on our toes, and of course, the food was great. I loved the variety.

All so well thought out, can’t fault it. A major win for the brand. 

What and where next?

Kieran, Ireland

Marcus, UK

An excellent course which fulfilled all my expectations and more. A great opportunity to consolidate learning and speaking Italian in l’Italia autentica

I particularly enjoyed La Ramera, il caseificio and la Maiella, when we were invited to Mimina’s home; hot chocolate and the wonderful homemade pastries were unforgettable. 

Making gnocchi with Carlo and Silvana and then eating it all up with glasses of Carlo’s wine was outstanding - unique.

Lessons with Rita and Simona covered those tricky irregular, phrasal and pronominal verbs. Conversation sessions with Gabi and Eulalia I very much enjoyed and were particularly useful – exploring how to best use what language one has is central. 

I thoroughly recommend this learning holiday to anyone interested in Italian language and culture.

Mark and I cannot say enough wonderful things to friends and family about the week we spent as honorary “Agnonesi”. Brava to you – what an experience, what a success!

Silvana is a superstar, but everyone was fantastic:  Marco, Alessandro, Michele who took us hiking on the tratturo, Alessandra who took us to the ruins, etc.  

We so appreciated that all the visits and encounters were relevant to Agnone, its culture and history. 

I like to be kept busy, so the pace was never too stressful. Just enough free time to catch my breath, but not so much that I got bored.  It was all just right, we both loved it!

Cynthia, France

Kevin, USA

L&LI was the perfect program for me to indulge my desire to “study abroad”, but within a timeframe that made sense for a working adult. It also permitted me to seek out my family roots, which just so happen to be in Molise. 

Determined to become fluent in Italian, I was delighted this course wasn’t just some fluffy, dumbed-down language program. 

On the contrary, serious lessons were both challenging and fun with endless opportunities to practice conversation and a bounty of “field trips” showcasing the history and culture of the region.  

One word of warning - be prepared to meet genuine, like-minded people (who all made for delightful company) and most of all, be prepared to eat well!

As a totally immersive experience, this was perfect and clearly impossible to replicate as an individual. Your connection to the town and local people enhances the programme beyond the ordinary, creating an individual, bespoke experience. 

It was thrilling to get out and about and come across familiar faces with whom to stop and chat. 

That kind of real-life practice is special, and the group were lovely and bonded very well. Spending 2 weeks with like-minded students of Italian was a joy. Thank you very much Jenifer. You have created a unique experience and I will definitely return. 

Maybe Sicily next time?

Gabrielle, Ireland

Gillian, UK

A big thank you for my time in Agnone. It was a fantastic programme and helped my Italian no end. Lots of pointers as to where to focus next. 

It was so lovely to be able to speak to and get to know the local people. All arranged tours were engaging and interesting, striking the right balance; challenging, but understandable. 

The bell museum was super interesting, and I loved the walk in the countryside - understanding the farming processes, the transumanza and all that grows wild! 

I am coming back!

Visits and tours were the highlight - I loved everything and could not have done any of it on my own. I so very much appreciated the curated itinerary. Alessandra, Walter, and Nicola were all engaging speakers and their topics so interesting.

There was so much to see - 2 packed weeks, not much free time, but that was ok in my book. 

Going to the various private houses was a real treat, and the B & Bs and restaurants were great. Silvana’s tours and cooking sessions were helpful, interesting and fun. Fernando, your driver is a treasure, and Marco, so helpful, nice, and funny.

I arrived with intentionally neutral expectations. Could not have been more pleased: Improved Italian, wonderful camaraderie, great excursions. Everything so well thought out. 

Kudos to you Jenifer! You went above and beyond to ensure a memorable time for us.

I’m looking forward to more.

Kathryn, USA

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