The birth place of my grandfather. Agnone is most famous for - La Pontificia Fonderia Marinelli -  the bell foundry working here since 1040AD. This is the oldest surviving family business in the western world, and my grandfather's first cousins.

Having learned to speak Italian here myself, I was inspired to create this very individual and personal learning experience. A medieval town, off the beaten track, a community eager to share long standing traditions - gastronomic, cultural and artistic.

This is not a language school, it is an experience.

- discover family run businesses producing excellent cheeses, salamis, olive oil, honey, wine and other regional specialities 

- there is no foreign tourism - the Agnonese are excited to engage with us - to cook, and to share traditions and history of their town

- 210k southeast of Rome and 150k northeast of Naples, between Abruzzo and Puglia

- 850 m above sea level, Agnone in the summer stays fresh and cool, the local population is around 2000

- summer months are very festive - with Italian visitors and families returning from the cities

Come! Holiday in Italy -  cook, visit, study, taste, talk and listen, and enjoy.