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Snow hits Agnone hard this year

Ilenia writes to us from Agnone:


Vero muri di neve bloccano Agnone e i paesi limitrofi, raggiunti oltre i due metri di neve ad Agnone, da anni non si abbatteva sul paese una perturbazione simile. Continua a nevicare. Creerà anche disagi, ma resterà sempre il periodo più bello dell anno. 

*field of snow.JPG

Walls of snow are blocking the streets of Agnone, entire villages have been cut off,  with more than 2 meters of snow in Agnone itself – not for years have we seen such weather!

street of snow.JPG











And the snow continues …….. this is of course creating all kinds of problems but it is, without doubt, the most beautiful time of year………


    high snow street.JPG




* wall of snow.JPG










We also remember the record snowfall in nearby Capracotta in 2015 - This is still the record for the most snow to fall in 24 hours - 257cm! Previous record, April 1921 was 193 cm.

So, when I get requests for visits to Agnone in February or March I always say - Let's wait till June!